The La Mesa Spring Valley Education Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of this year's Mini-Grants.  Thank you to all who applied, there were some terrific ideas that we were unable to fund at this time.

Congratulations to the following 2015 Mini-Grant Recipients:

Jennifer Luibel and Susan Montague
Murdock Elementary
A Chairless Classroom Bouncing Towards a Better Education
Replacing traditional classroom chairs with exercise balls/ stability balls in Murdock’s RSP room will help students improve their learning, behavior, and writing. Students with ADHD, focusing issues, and sensory processing disorders will reach their full potential in the classroom by being able to sit on the balls rather than traditional chairs.

Deborah Childers
La Presa STEAM Academy
I am a Meteorologist
Students will create a news style weather report broadcast that includes a local weather report, and finally report on a weather disaster (flood, hurricane, tornado, etc).

James Cowhey
Loma Elementary
Student Letter Writing for College and Careers
To promote and encourage students to plan for their future, students will write letters to various organizations to prepare them for a college or career path. Students will write numerous corporations, universities, law enforcement agencies, military academies, and to successful individuals in various career fields across the United States, so students can learn more about different types of careers that they could pursue in the future.

John Scharpf and Pamela Johnson
Spring Valley Middle
Resistance Training
Our physical education classes would love to participate in muscular strength through the use of resistance training through out the year. This program would enable students to work on health/skill related physical fitness components. The students would learn about muscles; how they move, exercises that work the muscles, the importance of strength training, safety, types of workout programs (tone or strength), repetitions, sets, and body composition.

Jennifer Bradford
La Presa STEAM Academy
6 Standing Desks for the Classroom
Research shows that movement, channeled correctly, actually enhances learning, particularly for students who have difficulty focusing or ADHD. My project will be to introduce 6 standing desks, which students will rotate and use optionally, to empower students by allowing for improved focus and on-task behavior through movement.

Debra Sands
La Mesa Arts Academy
Pin the Research Flag on the State
This project will allow a US History teacher to use an interactive wall map as the starting point for a geography project requiring students to conduct research and create a digital presentation (keynote).

Mary Ellen Shu and Franki Corless
Casa De Oro and La Presa Elementary
One Book, One Spring Valley
This is a new collaborative literacy project between Casa De Oro and La Presa Elementary schools. The project will involve 5th and 6th grade students, teachers, and parents sharing the experience of reading and discussing the same book and creating a reading community. By sharing books that have been purchased with grant funds between the two schools, sets will be used multiple times.

Jennifer Flores and Maggie Schulman
Highlands Elementary
Recorders to Play Music 6th grade
This project will give us the ability to teach 80 students to read and play music using the recorder as their instrument.

Karen Kingsbury
Rolando Elementary
American Symbols and First graders on Parade
Using students knowledge from the play American Symbols, varied resources and from the unit in Social Studies to participate in the La Mesa City Flag Parade. The students will represent on posters or costumes the physical symbols and sing and recite Symbols in song and prose during the parade walk.