Recognition for Outstanding Service to Education

The La Mesa-Spring Valley Educational Foundation is pleased to recognize people for their outstanding contribution to the quality of education in La Mesa-Spring Valley School District.

Each month one community member and one District employee are recognized for their service to education at a meeting of the District’s School Board. Each is introduced and presented a plaque and a red rose.

Criteria for the Recognition for Outstanding Service to Education (ROSE) award is:

  • Significant contributions to the educational community
  • Impact on children
  • Length of service to the LMSV School District      
  • Honors and distinctions
  • Leadership
  • Volunteerism
  • Community service

Do you know someone who goes that extra mile? We need your help in recognizing them for their contributions to children in the District. Both school staff and community members may nominate. Contact the Ed Foundation or fill out this nominating form.

ROSE Award Recipients

Robert Ross
Mr. Ross has been a volunteer in our direst since 2006.  He has shown outstanding service thought that time.  He has designed and implemented a music appreciate program which has greatly benefited all of our students.  Nominated by Steve Conklin and Melissa Medina.  



Severo Barreras
Mr. Barreras is the lead custodian at Rolando Elementary. He goes above and beyond all the time for the benefit of our campus.




Elaine Ley
Mrs. Ley is the Lead Child Nutrition at Murdock.  She treats every child with respect and dignity.  If a child is hungry she makes sure they get food.  If we are struggling with a child's behavior she will help figure out what the student needs to eat to help with lower sugar or high protein.  She is consistently calm and always has a smile on her face.



We are grateful for the contributions made by the following exceptional individuals.

Esther Adams Roxanne Hoffman Donna Pykles
Carol Allbright Adeline Holmgren Linda Raymond
Diane Allen Sandy Huntimer Dennis Regan
Roscoe Allen Barbara Hurley Harry Reneau
Andy Anderson Jill Huttenbrach Jan Richards
Jack Argent Marion Ireton Brenda Richmond
Ani Asaro Elaine Irish Hawley Ridenour
BelleAnn Baker Patty Isberg Pat Ridenour
Laurie Baldwin Marilyn Jarman Lorene Rooks
Vickie Baldwin Margaret Johnson Robert Ross
Robert Ball (AYSO) Maryann & Michael Johnson LM Rotary Club
Jackie Ballbach Sharon Jones Peggy Russell
Severo Barreras Fredrick Junker Beth Saltzman
Kay Barthel Tom Kelly Ruth Sanchez
Carmen Bauer Nancy Kennedy Ernesto Sanz
Ruby Becker Judy Kirk Lisa Sawyer
Diane Beene LM Kiwanis Lucie Schick
Ed Benjamin Nadine Knecht Paul Schnaubelt
John Bley Bob Kuhne Larry Schwuchow
Virginia Bono Hardy Kuykendall Jude Shea
Zellary Brown Paul La Chappel Mary Skulavik
Marcia Brun Lisa Ladd Beth Smith
Ruth Cargile Roly Lamangan Carol Smith
Barbara Carr Doris Lamping Debra Smith
Bobbie Carter Laura Lauzier Danny Smith
Sanford Carvajal John Law Ken Sobel (LM Little League)
Richard Castillo Shirley Lawyer Betty Stanzione
Linda Cates Charmon Lehew Esther Stedman
Rosie Cech Mark Lehew Ted Steiger
Sheila Clark Debbie LeRud Eve Stein
Joe Clingon Jerry Lerud Naomi Stein
Harlan Coffman Mike Leslie Marlene Sterling
Maria Collazo Jelf Lewis Pat Stewart
Kim Conklin Elaine Ley Tammy Stewart
Sharon Conley Ken Lindeneau Betty Stone
Franki Corless Jacqueline 'Jackie' Lindeneau   Dorothy Stone
Sharon Cuchiara LM Lions Dean Stowers
Dorothy Cuff Lourdes Macias Lou Sunbury
Barbara Daugherty Guido Magliato Melinda Swulius
Barbara & Lee Davis LeAnna Marnell Carol Telle
Dick Davis Augie Martinez Tim Thomas
Joe Davis Shirley Massie Dick Thorpe
Barbara Deardorff Sharmel McCarthy Julian Tishler
Lucille Dewaide Cathy McCloud Rose Tong
Pat Dewitz Kelley McGue Gilbert Trujillo
Judy Diener Kimberly Mclntyre Marie Tuthill
Sherland Dirksen Mary Mclntyre Chris Unsicker
Melinda Dixon Kathy Meanor Lynne Vales
Melinda Dixon Judy Meeker Rose Veth
Regina Dollero Juanita & Thomas Melrose Ron Wager
Marilyn Dukas Judy Merit Liz Walker
Irene Duron Marla Meza Nancy Walsh
Paula Eckert Terri Mitchell Tom Waters
Lillian Edmondson Dan Mitrovich Jayne Wegner
Bill Ehlen Esther Mize Mary Weightman
Ike & Ann Eichem Suzanne Mollenhauer Dorris Wellong
Alicia Eilert Parichehr (Pan) Monjazeb Billie Whitt
Sherry Ewert Betty Morrill Ann Wilkes
Robert Felton Chuck Muler Cheryl Williams
Margie Fickinger Janice Murdock Ellen Yaffa
Joy Fogarty Dave & Jean Murton  
Linda Foster Sherry & Gary Naiman  
Off. Raoul Garcia Mark & Young Negri  
Janet Gastil Barbara Nelson  
Carol Gates Nancy Nowell  
Dr. Lisa Gates Charles Olson  
Joe Giacalone Craig O'Neil  
Kay Gibson Jane O'Neil  
Larry & Jody Gillis Francis Orlowski, D.D.S.  
Janice Gilmore-See Pat Palmer  
Cheri Gittins Andy & Janet Parr  
Genevieve Grant Carmen Parra  
Connie Grebenstein Dave Pascoe  
Martha Gross Shirley Peace  
Nancy Harmon Tony Penn  
Edna & Roy Hastings Ed 'Pops' Perry  
Margaret Henson Dr. Steven Petersen  
Tina Herman Eric ‘Mr. Pete’ Peterson  
RayHerrera Don Phillips  
Jennifer Hicks Mary Polk  
Nancy Hinze Jan Proudfoot